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Dev Server: Getting Started

Web Dev Server helps developing for the web, using native browser features like es modules. It is ideal for buildless workflows and has a plugin architecture for light code transformations.

Web Dev Server is the successor of es-dev-server

Working with Web Dev Server

At its core, the dev server acts like a static file server. It tries to not get in the way of regular browser behavior. Additional functionalities are additive, enabled via flags or commands.

Installing the server

To get started we first need to install the server:

npm i --save-dev @web/dev-server

We can then run it using the web-dev-server or wds command.

To view all the available commands, use the --help flag or view the complete docs.

npx web-dev-server --help

Creating a simple page

Let's create a simple demo page for our project called demo/index.html.

Add the following content:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    Hello world!

To view this page with the dev server, we run the command with the --open flag and point it to the demo page:

npx web-dev-server --open /demo/

This should show Hello world! on the page.

Learn more

All the code is available on github. See the documentation of @web/dev-server.