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Web Dev Server

Web Dev Server helps developing for the web, using native browser features like es modules. It is ideal for buildless workflows, and has a plugin architecture for light code transformations.

  • Efficient browser caching for fast reloads
  • Transform code on older browsers for compatibility
  • Resolve bare module imports for use in the browser (--node-resolve)
  • Auto-reload on file changes with the (--watch)
  • History API fallback for SPA routing (--app-index index.html)
  • Plugin and middleware API for extensions
  • Powered by esbuild and rollup plugins

Web Dev Server is the successor of es-dev-server


Install Web Dev Server:

npm i --save-dev @web/dev-server

Then add the following to the "scripts" section in package.json:

"start": "web-dev-server --node-resolve --open --watch"

Or use the shorthand:

"start": "wds --node-resolve --open --watch"

Note, the examples below assume an npm script is used.

Basic commands

Start the server:

web-dev-server --node-resolve --open
wds --node-resolve --open

Run in watch mode, reloading on file changes:

web-dev-server --node-resolve --watch --open
wds --node-resolve --watch --open

Use history API fallback for SPA routing:

web-dev-server --node-resolve --app-index demo/index.html --open
wds --node-resolve --app-index demo/index.html --open

Transform JS to a compatible syntax based on user agent:

web-dev-server --node-resolve --open --esbuild-target auto
wds --node-resolve --open --esbuild-target auto

Example projects

Check out the example projects for a fully integrated setup.