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Building: Rollup Plugin Copy

A Rollup plugin which copies asset files while retaining the relative folder structure.


npm install --save-dev @web/rollup-plugin-copy


Create a rollup.config.js configuration file and import the plugin:

import { copy } from '@web/rollup-plugin-copy';

export default {
  input: 'src/index.js',
  output: {
    dir: 'output',
    format: 'es',
  plugins: [copy({ patterns: '**/*.{svg,jpg,json}' })],

Then call rollup either via the CLI or the API.



Type: String|String[]
Mandatory: true

Does accept a string pattern or an array of strings patterns.


Type: String
Default: current working directory

Patterns are relative to this directory and all found files will be resolved relative to it. If files can not be found path.resolve('./my/path) may be used to ensure a full path.


Source directory

├── sub
│   ├── sub-a.svg
│   └── sub-b.txt
├── a.svg
└── b.svg

Pattern all svgs

Searching for all nested svgs.

copy({ patterns: '**/*.svg' });


├── sub
│   └── sub-a.svg
├── a.svg
└── b.svg

Pattern all svgs different root

Changing the root to the sub folder means files will only be searched in there and all files will be relative to it.

copy({ patterns: '**/*.svg', rootDir: './sub' });


└── sub-a.svg