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Test Runner: Testing in a CI

It's possible to use the test runner in a CI, but because it runs tests on a real browser you need to ensure the CI environments can support it.

The test runner uses @web/test-runner-chrome by default which looks for a locally installed Chrome. For your CI you can look for an image which installs Chrome to run your tests.


You can also use @web/test-runner-puppeteer which downloads it's own compatible version of Chromium. This is more convenient, and can be more stable as well.

Puppeteer has a dedicated page on troubleshooting in general, and contains section on using puppeteer in a CI environment.


If you want to use @web/test-runner-playwright in a CI environment you need to ensure the necessary native libraries are installed.

For the modern web repositories, we run our tests on GitHub Actions using the Playwright CLI.

Check the official documentation for more information on different CI environments.